Member Integrity

One of the predominant reasons the Canadian Association of Energy Contractors has weathered the ups and downs of the Canadian oil and gas industry since its inception in 1949 is integrity. CAOEC members, bound initially by a gentleman’s agreement, have always managed to work together for the betterment of our industry, while maintaining a healthy respect for competition and the rule of law.

The continued success of our Association is predicated upon full compliance with the terms of membership, and as such, the CAOEC Board of Directors monitors member conduct in accordance with CAOEC Investigative Procedures policy (see below).

If any CAOEC Member, or member of the public, has questions or concerns about CAOEC policies, procedures, or guidelines—or believes a CAOEC Member may not have full understanding of these—we ask that those questions or concerns be submitted via email to Membership Integrity.

Investigative Procedure

In the event a party with a legitimate interest files a written complaint against a Land Drilling or Service Rig Contractor at the CAOEC office, such as an operator, another member contractor, a government agency, or the CAOEC Board of Directors requests an investigation, then the following investigative procedure shall apply:
  • The President & CEO of CAOEC will call the Primary Representative of the member company and advise them of the complaint;
  • The member company may then take corrective action or request an investigation of the complaint under the terms of this procedure;
  • Such an investigation will be carried out within ten days on behalf of the CAOEC by a three-person panel, one of whom is appointed by the member company, one by the Board of Directors, and the third, who shall act as chairman of the proceedings, and who shall be jointly appointed by the original two.
The panel or the Chairman of the Board of Directors will report to a specially called meeting of the Board of Directors, and in the event the member company is found in default of its membership then the Board of Directors will act in accordance with Clause 14 of the Membership Agreement and the By-Laws of the CAOEC.

Clause 14:

If the Board of Directors of CAOEC determines that the undersigned has defaulted in the performance of one or more of its obligations set forth in this Agreement, the Board of Directors may, in accordance with the By-Laws, do one or more of the following:

  • Reprimand the undersigned;
  • Suspend the membership of the undersigned in CAOEC for a specified period of time or until the Board of Directors revokes the suspension; or
  • Expel the undersigned from membership in CAOEC. The Board of Directors of CAOEC may, prior to considering a default by a member, have an investigation conducted in accordance with the association’s Investigative Procedures.