Master Service Agreement

The Master Service agreement has been in place since 2001 and was created by a joint CAOEC/CAPP working committee. The contract represents a fair and equitable distribution of responsibility and risk when entering into an agreement to perform drilling and service rig work.

Drilling Contracts:
Form C1, Standard Meterage Contract
Form C2, Exhibit "A" to a Standard Meterage Contract
Form C3, Master Daywork Contract
Form C4, Exhibit "A" to a Master Daywork Contract
Form C5, Amendment to Exhibit "A", DR Division, Drilling Work Order
Standardized Special Provisions

Service Rig Contracts:

Form SRD1, Master Well Service (Rig) Contract
Form SRD2, Exhibit "A" SR Division Services Work Order

Form C5, Amendment to Exhibit "A" SR Division, Services Work Order

For the list of Special Provisions, click here.