Master Service Agreement

The Master Service agreement has been in place since 2001 and was created by a joint CAOEC/CAPP working committee. The contract represents a fair and equitable distribution of responsibility and risk when entering into an agreement to perform drilling and service rig work.

Drilling Contracts:
Form C1, Standard Meterage Contract
Form C2, Exhibit "A" to a Standard Meterage Contract
Form C3, Master Daywork Contract
Form C4, Exhibit "A" to a Master Daywork Contract
Form C5, Amendment to Exhibit "A", DR Division, Drilling Work Order
Standardized Special Provisions

Service Rig Contracts:

Form SRD1, Master Well Service (Rig) Contract
Form SRD2, Exhibit "A" SR Division Services Work Order

Form C5, Amendment to Exhibit "A" SR Division, Services Work Order