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November 25, 2022

Danielle Smith speaks at 2022 State of the Industry Event

November 25, 2022

Canada's energy service contractors seek new tax credit to help cut emissions

November 23, 2022

WATCH: CAOEC 2022 State of the Industry

November 23, 2022

Hopes high for a good 2023 for energy industry

November 23, 2022

Canada to drill more wells next year as pipeline projects advance - industry group

November 23, 2022

Canadian oilpatch expects 15% increase in wells drilled next year

November 23, 2022

Varcoe: 'Finally fun again' — after seven tough years, a comeback is underway for battle-tested drillers

November 23, 2022

The Canadian Energy Companies Association shows optimism for 2023

November 23, 2022

Oil and gas drilling sector wants federal tax credit to help it decarbonize

November 23, 2022

Energy industry sees modest rebound in activity after seven years of stagnation

November 23, 2022

Oil and gas drilling sector expects activity to pick up in 2023

November 23, 2022

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November 23, 2022

Ottawa is biggest obstacle to growth in oilpatch, charges Alberta premier in defiant speech

November 11, 2022

Canada's weekly rig count at 212

October 12, 2022

Ten Peaks educating Alberta youth on energy and the environment, inspiring future innovators

October 30, 2022

Oil and gas continues to see labour shortages; industry leader sees strong growth in short term

October 11, 2022

WATCH: Start Your Career in Canada's Energy Sector

September 26, 2022

READ: Leading Collaboration Through the Energy Transition

September 26, 2022

LISTEN: CAOEC CEO Mark A. Scholz on Afternoons with Rob Breakenridge

September 23, 2022

Canada's weekly rig count up 7 to 216

September 9, 2022

Canada's weekly rig count at 209

August 12, 2022

Canada's weekly rig count at 205

​August 10, 2022

WATCH: Associate Membership with CAOEC

August 10, 2022

Alberta oil production set new record in first half of 2022

July 15, 2022

Canada’s weekly rig count at 206

June 15, 2022

Canadian technology lowering emissions from oil and gas drilling

June 10, 2022

Canada’s weekly rig count up 23 to 157

June 8, 2022

Oilpatch faces uphill battle recruiting skilled and unskilled workers

​​​June 7, 2022

Varcoe: As oil prices soar, Alberta’s energy production to jump by 52% in value, top $163B this year

​June 3, 2022

About Time: Bennett Jones Partners Tell Industry To Prepare For New Prompt Payment Rules

May 31, 2022

Cenovus Energy to restart work on stalled offshore oil project in Newfoundland

May 27, 2022

WATCH: CAOEC: A deeper look into energy investment, infrastructure and resources

May 27, 2022

Price of natural gas could climb higher still after cresting multi-year highs

May 24, 2022

La géothermie fera-t-elle sa grande percée en Alberta?

May 18, 2022


May 14, 2022

Varcoe: Oilpatch spending grows on back of $100 crude, but labour shortages prevent rapid growth

May 13, 2022

Canadian OFS Contractors Forecasting Increased Oil, Natural Gas Drilling

May 10, 2022

Canadian Association of Energy Contractors raises drilling forecast for the year

April 29, 2022

Canada's weekly rig count down 4 to 99

April 11, 2022

Oil Worker Shortage Hits Canada

April 8, 2022

Canada’s weekly rig count down 9 to 119

April 8, 2022

Labour Shortages Choke Canadian Oil Production as Prices Soar

April 5, 2022

As Alberta's oil and gas industry rebounds, there's a new problem: not enough workers

April 5, 2022

Alberta's oil and gas industry faces a new issue; a labour shortage

April 5, 2022

Canada’s Oil Boom Constrained By Workforce Shortage

April 5, 2022

Canadian energy industry looks at how it can supply the world without help from U.S.

March 26, 2022

Varcoe: 'Controlled whiplash' — drillers bullish for 2022 as oil prices soar

March 15, 2022

Feds don't know impact on jobs of Trudeau's climate pledge in Scotland

March 11, 2022

Amid global energy crisis, labour shortage constrains growth of Canadian oilpatch

March 4, 2022

Canada's weekly rig count down 10 to 223

February 18, 2022

Provincial minister says regulations for industry have been reduced by 20 per cent

February 18, 2022

Canada's weekly rig count up 7 to 233

February 12, 2022

Varcoe: 'Not a runaway boom,' but a steady revival for drillers as oil heads to $100

February 10, 2022

WATCH: CAOEC President & CEO Presents to Standing Committee on Natural Resources

February 10, 2022

Oilpatch optimism high in Sask. amid surging prices at the pump

February 10, 2022

Why Canadian Crude Producers Aren't Sending More Oil To The U.S.

January 21, 2022

Canada's weekly rig count up 11 to 225

January 19, 2022

Oil and Gas Outlook 2022

January 14, 2022

Canada's weekly rig count at 214

January 11, 2022

High gas prices, oilpatch labour crunch, pipeline friction: The year ahead in energy

January 7, 2022

Excited to continue momentum in 2022

January 5, 2022

Essential stores struggle to stay open amid staff shortages

January 4, 2022

Chris Varcoe: Oil prices above $75 herald a new year with growing industry momentum

December 9, 2021

Alberta, Saskatchewan energy ministers promote O&G industry, innovation at WPC

December 3, 2021

Canada’s weekly rig count up 3 to 186

December 2, 2021

Canadian energy contractors to see uptick in activity and jobs next year

November 26, 2021

Canadian energy contractors to see uptick in activity and jobs next year

November 24, 2021

Varcoe: Drillers expect return to pre-pandemic activity in '22, but warn of a staffing 'bottleneck' 

November 24, 2021

Canada’s Drilling Activity Set To Exceed 2019 Levels Next Year

November 23, 2021

Canadian Oil Drilling Seen Topping Pre-Covid Levels in 2022

November 23, 2021

Oil well drilling set to rise more than 25% in 2022, industry group says

November 23, 2021

Canadian energy sector expects uptick of activity in 2022

November 23, 2021

Alta. oilpatch recruiting in Maritimes again as drilling set to rise in 2022

November 23, 2021

Canadian energy contractors have reason for optimism after years of decline, but only if they can attract workers

November 23, 2021

Oilpatch expects uptick in wells drilled, jobs created in 2022 but worried of skilled labour shortage

November 23, 2021

Western Canada to boost oil, gas drilling to pre-pandemic levels, CAOEC says 

November 23, 2021

Whitelaw argues people-and-skills based scenario planning key to energy transition

November 20, 2021

Varcoe: Gondek takes reins as Calgary's economy recalibrates and recovers 

November 19, 2021

Canada’s weekly rig count up 3 to 177

November 16, 2021

Drilling Activity in Canada to Increase in 2022, Says Petroleum Association


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