CAODC Extremely Disappointed with Continued Delays in Trans Mountain Expansion Project.

For Immediate Release: August 30, 2018

The Canadian Association of Oilwell Drilling Contractors (CAODC) is extremely disappointed with continued delays in the Trans Mountain Expansion Project (TMX).

Today, the Federal Court of Appeal ruled the government of Canada did not include marine shipping concerns or adequately consult with First Nations on the Trans Mountain Expansion, resulting in further uncertainty surrounding the pipeline project's status.

“We are extremely disappointed with today’s decision,” says CAODC President Mark Scholz. “From an investor’s perspective, Canada continues to portray itself as place where the rules are constantly re-written and where time and investment dollars are wasted.”

The decision comes well over four years after the initial application was filed for the project in December 2013, and three months after the federal government announced it planned to purchase the TMX from Kinder Morgan.

As U.S. oil and gas exploration continues to expand, and global demand for energy rises, Canada has recently lost two major pipeline infrastructure projects, and now its nationally owned pipeline expansion is delayed once more.

CAODC urges the federal government to expedite any further administrative burdens for the Trans Mountain Expansion, keeping in mind the negative impacts of continued project delays and the significant cost to Canadian taxpayers, and those First Nations supporting, and directly benefiting from, the project.

“As a world leader in oil and gas production, continually delaying market access for our responsibly produced products only does more damage. It costs Canadians jobs, resource revenues, and our reputation as a respected place for investment, while simultaneously increasing the market share for jurisdictions with fewer environmental and human rights standards,” states Scholz.
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