CAOEC Rig Reports (demo)

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CAOEC works with members to build a record of rig activity data. We produce daily, weekly and monthly rig counts for members, and publish weekly and monthly rig counts for the public.

CAOEC Members are required to enter daily (Drilling Members) and monthly (Drilling and Service Rig Members) as a condition of membership. All data entered is not verified by the Association, and CAOEC cannot guarantee its accuracy.

For access to the full CAOEC Rig Data site, where you can generate customized reports and collect information, become an Associate Plus Member.

For media enquires, please email us.

Weekly Drilling Activity

Monthly Drilling Activity

Monthly Service Activity


"Drilling": Rig is drilling, and billing drilling day rate.
"Moving": Rig is in transit, or performing other non-drilling activities such as rig-up. Rig is billing non-drilling rate.
"Down": Rig is down or racked. Rig is not billing an operator.
"Registered Fleet": Drilling or service rigs registered with CAOEC.
"Active Service Rigs": Rigs that have had at least one operating hour in the past 12 months.
"Drilling Utilization": Active Drilling Rigs divided by total Registered Rigs.


Active Daily Drilling Rigs