Federal Budget 2016

For Immediate Release: March 23, 2016

Yesterday, the Liberal government released its first budget focused on growing the middle-class and economy and strengthening Canada’s environmental leadership.

Mark Scholz, President of the Canadian Association of Oilwell Drilling Contractors responded by saying, "The federal government can accomplish these objectives through greater market access for Canadian oil and gas products, easily the most environmentally responsible oil and gas products developed anywhere in the world."

Canadian oil and gas products command far less than world prices because of a lack of pipeline infrastructure. That means fewer jobs and lower government revenue to hire teachers and nurses and to build schools and hospitals. "If the government is serious about the middle-class and the economy, it should stand up for this industry and champion pipelines, the safest and most efficient method to transport petroleum products," notes Scholz.

The industry has lost over 100,000 jobs since the end of 2014. "If the Prime Minister is at all concerned about the middle-class he should be focused on the proposed $68 billion dollars in shovel ready pipeline infrastructure projects. This would create tens of thousands of jobs across the country with private sector capital and is exactly what the middle-class needs right now," says Scholz.

On the environmental side, Canada continues to import oil from countries with lower environmental standards. "It does not make sense that 37% of Quebec’s imports come from countries like Nigeria and Saudi Arabia. We need pipeline infrastructure to ensure all Canadians can consume responsible Canadian energy products," says Scholz. The most recent dollar figures by the National Energy Board shows that in a single year Canada spent over $28 billion importing oil.


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