CAODC Launches Oil Respect Campaign

For Immediate Release: February 17, 2016

Today the Canadian Association of Oilwell Drilling Contractors is announcing the launch of Oil Respect, a campaign to empower regular Canadians to voice support for the Canadian oil and gas industry. "Oil Respect is about respect for the facts, respect for workers, respect for the environment, and respect for an industry that has done so much to provide Canadians with jobs, funding for government services, and a higher standard of living," explains CAODC President Mark Scholz.

The Oil Respect campaign will include Mr. Scholz speaking at venues across Canada where he will ask regular people to speak out in support of an industry that has done so much to make Canada one of the most admired countries in the world. Additionally, the campaign calls on the federal and provincial governments to stand up for Canadian oil and gas development and transportation via pipelines, both across Canada and for export to new markets outside our borders.

Mr. Scholz emphasizes the importance of hearing from Canadians. "100,000 oil workers have lost their jobs in this current downturn. We urge Canadians to come to our website at We need you to email letters to your elected representatives, sign petitions for pipelines, join our Facebook community, engage on Twitter, show off our bumper stickers, and to push back against those who spread misinformation about our industry. We are also petitioning governments to recognize February 13, 2017 as Oil and Gas Awareness Day, the 70th Anniversary of leduc#1"

The Oil Respect tour begins on February 25th with a speaking engagement at the Red Deer Chamber of Commerce.

The Canadian Association of Oilwell Drilling Contractors (CAODC) represents Canada’s drilling and service rig industry.


For more information, contact:

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