A Message From The President

The Canadian energy industry is at a cross-road, unlike anything we have ever experienced. Today, smart and strategic decisions are necessary to ensure our industry's long-term success. 
Over eight decades, the Canadian Association of Oilwell Drilling Contractors (CAODC) has successfully promoted the world's premier energy service industry. Although we are looking at an uncertain future, we are excited to explore new ideas and new business models to move the industry forward. 
I am excited to share with you that the CAODC is pursuing an open and transparent strategic review to discuss the evolution of the industry and its future needs. We know that our industry must adapt to a new reality, and our Association is responding accordingly. We have a responsibility to collaborate with industry leaders and to chart a new course for our world-class industry. But we cannot do it without you.
The CAODC is focused on strengthening the service sector and is always interested in speaking with partner associations and industry leaders to find common ground. We will engage with every energy company in Canada that wants to build a more resilient future for our sector.
Together, we have an opportunity to create something new and bold. As part of our strategic review, we have identified gaps in how the energy industry advocates for itself with all levels of government, collaborates and works together, and promotes innovation and entrepreneurship. One option is to strategically expand our membership to energy service companies operating on or near the wellbore.
We see an opportunity to give likeminded companies a stronger voice by modernizing our Association, but remaining devoted to reducing inefficient regulations, standardizing best practices, and challenging hostile opposition.
At the CAODC, we're proud of our history. It's why we're in a position to help the industry build a better future. The CAODC has played a vital role in the drilling and well-servicing sector since 1949. Over the years, we have helped form the foundation for what has become a world-leading industry renowned for its people, processes, and technology.
The milestones we have accomplished through our philosophy speak for themselves, and we want to build upon them during these unprecedented times. I hope you will see that these accomplishments are more relevant today than ever. The following are just a few of the CAODC's historical achievements:
1968 CAODC designs the first Blowout Prevention (BOP) course, bringing a new level of safety to the Canadian energy industry.
1994 CAODC introduces Recommended Practices for drilling and service rig equipment, bringing a new level of standardization to the energy industry. 
2001 CAODC introduces the CAODC/CAPP Standard Daywork Contract, managing risk in the energy industry and promoting investment and certainty.
2004 CAODC introduces the Rig Technician trade, promoting worker development and leadership to ensure Canadian energy is the most responsibly produced anywhere.
2010 CAODC obtains a Federal Hours of Service exemption, permitting service rigs to use tour sheets as log books.
2016 CAODC launches the Oil Respect advocacy campaign to help raise national awareness for the many benefits of Canada's oil and gas industry.
2018 CAODC negotiates the only carbon tax exemption in the industry with the Notley Government for its service rig members in the province of Alberta.
2019 CAODC signs a new Transportation MOA with Alberta and Saskatchewan to harmonize transportation regulations and reduce red tape.
2020 CAODC successfully lobbies the federal government to fund the closure of inactive wells across western Canada.
2020 CAODC negotiates the Geothermal Collaboration Network with Clean Energy Canada, Canada's most influential green energy lobby, to put rigs back to work.
Our record of advocacy has made our members thrive through the ups and downs of our industry. But we want to do more, we must do more. And we want to work together with all energy leaders and companies to take the next step.
We want to include you. 
We want to listen to you.
We want to learn from you.
We want to chart this journey together, and fight for what matters most, a strong, respected, resilient and influential Canadian energy services sector.
I look forward to hearing your feedback.
Together, we will make a difference.

Mark A. Scholz
President & CEO
(403) 264-4311
"The best way to predict the future is to create it." 
-Abraham Lincoln-