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  • Derrick Hands must use a harness and platform-climbing device to get to the proper position on the derrick when the drill string (lengths of pipe) or casing pipe is being raised from or lowered into the hole. Individuals who do not feel comfortable working in high places do not usually move into the position of Derrick Hand. However those wishing to advance to the Driller position must have a good understanding of the Derrick Hand’s duties.
  • When rig is making a trip (running drill pipe in and out of the hole), he works off of the monkey board. There, while coming out of the hole, he unlatches the elevators from the pipe and racks the pipe sequentially in the fingers after it has been set on the pipe-racking floor by the Floor hand. While running in the hole, he pulls the proper stand of pipe from the fingers and, when the elevator comes to his position latches it around the stand. Whenever a Derrick Hand goes up to the monkey board the blocks stay at the rig floor until the Derrick hand comes to the end of the driving board and signals to the Driller that his fall arrest system is hooked up. Under direction of the Driller, he conditions the drilling fluid and maintains the mud pumps and mud handling and treating equipment.
  • Performing all his duties in a safe manner
  • Handling all miscellaneous duties above the derrick floor, lubrication of the hoisting equipment, stringing of lines, and minor repairs to the hoisting equipment and derrick.
  • Assisting the Driller in the maintenance of the drilling rig and other equipment
  • Become familiar with the work of the Drill as time permits
  • Inspecting and reporting to the Driller that condition of the derrick and derrick fall arrest equipment
  • The morning and evening tour Derrick hand must note and report changes in the condition of the derrick or hazards that have developed during their tours
  • Ensure anyone climbing the derrick uses a full body harness and fall protection above 3 meters
  • Derrick hand should never be out of racking fingers when traveling block and hook are passing. Pipe left standing in the derrick should be securely tied.
  • Derrick Hand will change shifts on the rig floor, not on the monkey board.
  • Be prepared to work on a rotating shift schedule that operates twenty-four hours a day.
  • Be well-coordinated
  • Be able to work safely and quickly, and think ahead to the next procedure.
  • Be in good physical condition (strength and agility are necessary)
  • Enjoy working as a member of a team.
  • Understand that some operations involve work at remote locations involving camps.
Position: Derrickhand
Organization: Ensign Drilling
Location: Nisku,  AB 
Salary: N/A
Posting Start Date: 7/11/2023
Date Posted: 8/28/2023
  • WHMIS 2015
  • H2S Alive
  • Standard First Aid
  • Fall Protection / Rig Rescue
  • Special Oilwell Boilers
  • Loader Operator Training
  • EnCAAP training
  • Certificates depending on the type of well & location
Status: This listing expires on: 9/16/2024
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Ensign Drilling
3059-4 Street

Nisku,  AB T9E 8L1
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