Fuel Tanks for Rigs—TC 44

CAODC members are transitioning the fuel tanks in the fleet to the TC44 design specification.

TC44 is the only tank in Transport Canada's design inventory that is slab-sided and meets Transportation of Dangerous Goods legislation.

The design was developed by CAODC specifically for use in rig packages.

Read more about how CAODC members worked on this solution to meet Transport Canada's requirements.  (You will be re-directed to the Fall 2013 issue of CAODC's membership magazine.)

Transport Canada still permits the use of non-TC44 tanks that were registered in the CAODC tank inventory before the launch of TC44.  These tanks were assigned an identifying number and a phase-out schedule.


Notes for CAODC Members on Tank Inventory Maintenance:

The designated CAODC registered representative in your company has access to the CAODC Tank Inventory.

When you remove a rig from the CAODC-registered rig fleet, please advise CAODC if the tanks with that rig are included in the CAODC Tank Inventory and whether those tanks will be transferred to another rig package.